Because location is always key, we provide in-depth knowledge of the French residential real estate market and help you find your dream home after we have clearly identified your objectives together.

With a succesful track record of almost 20 years in financial services to international clients, we walk you through all the paperwork during the mortgage loan underwriting process in France.

Our core values

Independence: We are entirely dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service to our worldwide clientele.

Transparency: We inform you in real time of all our steps throughout the underwriting process of your mortgage loan.

Integrity & Confidentiality: We protect all information and always serve our clients’ best interest.

Our services

It’s all about teamwork and personalized service!

We provide full support to our international clients who plan to invest in French residential real estate, whether you have already identified a property and seek pre-approval before signing the pre-sale agreement, or you are still at the initial stage of your project, in which case we will help you find your dream home after we have clearly determined your objectives together.

Whether you qualify as a U.S. person or an overseas expatriate and plan on buying your holiday home or a rental investment in France, we assist you every step of the way in your project, from finding your dream home together to crafting the optimal financing solution for you.

Because the mortgage loan underwriting process can prove daunting in France, we bring our acumen to the table and connect all the dots together as we walk you through all the paperwork in close relationship with our trusted partners, from your pre-qualification to your pre-sale agreement, from the issuance of your mortgage contract to the closing.

From your initial research all the way to the closing, we streamline the whole mortgage loan underwriting process for you, from the lender’s pre-approval to the final release of the funds.

We’re here to help!

  • As we determine your objectives and explore all options together
  • As we work diligently with our key partners in order to achieve the best outcome for you
  • As we submit your mortgage application on your behalf
  • As we connect you with a notaire (French counterpart for attorney, should you require one)
  • As we assist you with all necessary translation and explanation


Because nothing matters more to us than your satisfaction, we tap into the best resources available to bring your real estate project to fruition, from finding your dream home in France to reaching the optimal financing solution for you. With that in mind, we have selected a network of renowned professionals in the international real estate and financial industries.

Our Key Partners

  • Residential Real Estate Consulting in partnership with International Real Estate Services Paris (IRESP, specialized real estate agent).
  • Tailored Financing Solutions in partnership with specialized banks and French mortgage lenders (Banque Palatine, BRED Espace International, AXA Thema, BNP Paribas International Buyers, to name a few).
  • Custom Mortgage Protection Insurance in partnership with Valorama, a renowned insurance broker with a proven track record to international clients.
  • CPA & Tax Planning Services in partnership with MG Partners Paris.
  • Financial Services in partnership with major FX providers (international wire transfers in all major currencies).

Our Star Products

  • Dream Home: Finding & financing your dream home in France!
  • Home Upgrade: Financing your renovation project on your French home.
  • Loan Upgrade: Refinancing your French home loan can save you money as you lower your rate and cut your monthly payment.
  • Home Equity Release: Borrowing against the equity in your French home can enable you to consolidate high-interest loans, take cash out and finance other projects.

In Closing

Whether you are looking for a holiday home or a rental property, we will find you the perfect match!

While we provide full customized support, from your property research to the optimal financing solution, you are consulted at every stage of your real estate project to achieve the best outcome with a personalized mortgage contract matching your objectives and requirements.

Our whole action in close relationship with our key partners is based on transparency and loyalty with the constant aim to serve your best interest. Through efficient teamwork, we will always seek the optimal financing solution for you and exceed your expectations.

Because we serve our clients for the long haul, we are still around after the closing and we assist you throughout and beyond the loan period in your relationship with the mortgage lender and other actors to ensure you make the most of your French home ownership experience in the long run!

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